There was very little productivity during this sprint due to minimal work assigned. To keep busy our team used the time to learn about angular and testing in angular. One method that helped me learn more about angular was to do the Tour-of-heroes tutorial on the site. After doing so I understood why angular was used and what components really were and how they responded and “talked” to each other.

The final day of the sprint, we were given assignments that included creating the GUI of some sort of web application. Our team sat down and decide which interface we wish to move forward with. Before doing so we actually looked into what programs we were going to use and watched some YouTube videos on the instructions.

Author: iharrynguyen

Hello friends, my name is Harry Nguyen. I am a novice programmer and current student at Worcester State university anticipating graduation this upcoming May 2019. Feel free to follow me on my life-long journey as I continue to learn the ins and outs in the field of computer science.

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