Sprint – 4

During this sprint there was a lot of confusion on how we should move forward with certain things. In the last sprint we were able to determine which components each team was going to be working with but we have yet to set up our branches on GitHub. We sat down as a class to recreate the whole Git system/directories/branches. We decided to pull fork the original, clone it, and moving forward we would add any changes we make to our code to our forked repo and create an upstream to the original to be able to merge as a class.

There were some problems we encountered; the biggest was not being able to correctly style our component given the angular material code. We hope to be able to solve this issue by the end of the next sprint. Other than this, we had some minor issues when actually running ng serve but we later found out that some of our angular versions were not up to date. A simple update fixed this.

That was pretty much all for this sprint. Our goal for the next sprint is to finish our component!

Author: iharrynguyen

Hello friends, my name is Harry Nguyen. I am a novice programmer and current student at Worcester State university anticipating graduation this upcoming May 2019. Feel free to follow me on my life-long journey as I continue to learn the ins and outs in the field of computer science.

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