Sprint – 5

This was one of our most successful sprints yet. We are definitely on the right track to completing this first component and moving forward with our next. Towards the beginning of this sprint some of the issues we encountered were similar to the previous sprint. We had to remove/re-install our angular material dev-kit multiple times to get it working. I recall Matt and I having to delete and reinstall a few times for whatever reason to get it working and to be more organized. To be more organized we created an initial branch called “Questionnaire-Form” but then we ended up trashing that branch to create another called “Q-Form” which became our main branch that we worked on.

The component that we were supposed to build is a simple form. We worked our code around an angular material component taken right off of the angular documentations. Again there was a styling issue with our component. The HTML was working correctly but it was not looking the way it was supposed to. I tried using a different angular built-in material and imported all of the necessities. It worked perfectly. We then figured out that it was an import statement that we were missing somewhere. This fixed the issue and we were able to create the component correctly. We hope to finish this component by the end of next sprint as well as a few more components.

Onto the last sprint!

Author: iharrynguyen

Hello friends, my name is Harry Nguyen. I am a novice programmer and current student at Worcester State university anticipating graduation this upcoming May 2019. Feel free to follow me on my life-long journey as I continue to learn the ins and outs in the field of computer science.

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