Sprint – 6

This was our last sprint for the semester and surprisingly enough there was a lot of work accomplished during this sprint. In the previous sprint we managed to all get on the same page with our component (functionality/styling), our goal for this sprint was to try to finish the form component and start a new one. We got as far as merging our branch with the master branch and pulling all of the commits from the other groups.

Our component consisted of multiple input fields, a back button, and a newly created submit button that triggered an event calling another component to load on screen. After merging our branch with the master and pulling all of the code in the project we were greeted with many errors; for what reasons we are not too sure. We tackled the conflicting errors one by one, first by removing some imports/adding some dependencies. Secondly we had to comment out all of the other components that were called on in the app.component to focus on ours since we wanted to move forward with creating a later stage of our component.

A more advanced stage of our component was a cross between the tabs component and our form component. We added some code to create multiple tabs while having the same form fields and it successfully worked. Overall this was a very successful sprint.

Author: iharrynguyen

Hello friends, my name is Harry Nguyen. I am a novice programmer and current student at Worcester State university anticipating graduation this upcoming May 2019. Feel free to follow me on my life-long journey as I continue to learn the ins and outs in the field of computer science.

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